Mt Bio Security Lead from the front when it comes to designing new products for the agriculture horticulture and food processing industries, we work closely with these industries to increase and improve hygiene standards to help production and profit margins making farming safer for both animals and visitors.

Keeping livestock and poultry healthy is the keystone to any livestock or poultry agricultural endeavour. Healthy animals grow better, reproduce more efficiently and produce more economically valuable products. Unhealthy animals cause a producer to spend more time managing the stock, more money on health inputs and vet bills, and often produce less or poor quality products. Without healthy animals, production, and profitability are impossible, our unit enhances Bio security procedures, particularly cleaning and disinfection.

Our Bio Security unit limits the entry points for farm workers vets and visitors etc. with a walk in door from the dirty side, then a barrier to the clean side and door out to the unit this method is to be undertaken before access is granted. This unit can be made bespoke for your farm needs and is compliant with the rules and regulations of the Department of Agriculture. The unit is on now on the Grant Scheme for 2018