Cleaning and safety

Having good Bio Security will help reduce / prevent the introduction of new disease and also the movement of it from farm to farm the action you take on your farm is vital in stopping the
introduction and spread of animal disease within your herd/flock/farm.

All poultry and pig units must carry out all methods of a clean down and deep clean with disinfection products, we provide the knowledge and the products to do this in vigilant way.

Additional Products

Mt Bio Security manufacture a wider scale of products to help minimise the risk of infection and diseases caused by viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms entering their farm and potentially harming the animals.

  • Metal and plastic boot washes (with water connection)
  • Disinfectant for clean down and deep cleaning the houses
  • Foot dip baths
  • Fallen stock Bins
  • Disinfectant mats for vehicle wheels
  • Chemical store and Unit for safe guarding all hazardous products
  • Hand Sanitiser


Easy Install
Enhance Bio Security across all farming sectors
Plug & Play
Easy to move
Vet friendly sink
Hot and cold running water
First aid point

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